lördag 23 januari 2010

Profeten i England

Gillar kritiker som citerar Václav Havel när det ska recenseras fransk fängelsefilm:

»Václav Havel, who has seen a few cells in his time, once pointed out that while most rookie convicts expect boredom to be the predominant state during incarceration, the opposite in fact holds true." Ryan Gilbey in the New Statesman: "Far from struggling to fill the days, one experiences exhaustion from negotiating the various codes and grudges upon which the social structure of prison is predicated. This fretful climate provides the backdrop for Jacques Audiard's supremely confident thriller A Prophet (Un prophète). Life inside for 19-year-old Malik el-Djebena (Tahar Rahim) kicks off with a good hiding and the theft of his trainers. Then it turns nasty.«

Via The Auteurs som går igenom det strålande mottagande Jacques Audiards Un Prophète har fått i England. Svensk premiär för den underbara filmen i mars.

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